Matthias Manhertz - Title Picture

Thank You for visiting my homepage. 

In February of 2016 I completed my masters thesis entitled "Predicting the Development of Financial Markets by Applying Machine Learning Tools to Social Media Data" and am now looking for a job in need of a computer scientist specialized on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Alongside my studies I have applied my programming skills as freelance game programmer and am now looking to work full time either as machine learning / big data specialist or game programmer.

Currently I mostly code in C# or Python, but I have previously worked with many different programming languages, like Java, C/C++, php and basic. I never had difficulties learning new languages or IDEs and am not looking for a specific one in my future job. I have always been quick to pick up new skills and interested to learn new things in general.

I have enjoyed working in smaller teams and start-ups over the years, but would certainly be just as happy to contribute to larger scale companies in the future.

Please find my CV, work samples and contact information in the menu at the top.


Matthias Manhertz